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Monday, March 20, 2017

Crimes Against Transgender People

    I was watching CNN last night when they reported that 3 Black transgendered women were killed within a week in Louisianna. The report also said that 7 transgendered people had been killed in the United States in the first 2 months of this year and 27 transgendered people were killed in 2016, according to GLAAD.

    This report bothered me the entire evening, as I watched other news regarding hearings on the GOP nominee for the Supreme Court, who happens to be quite ant-LGBT and pro-religious freedom.  I began thinking about how often Christians in this country argue that their freedom of religions allows them to discriminate against LGBT people because it is a matter of faith. Whenever a negative issue regarding LGBT people is raised, it is always raised in conjunction with so called "Christian values"! I was brought up a Christian and went to a Catholic school for grade school and high school. I, as I am sure all Christians,  remember the Great Commandment, "Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself"  Apparently there are many, many Christians who do not know what this means or they must really hate themselves!

    I wondered why being transgendered is even an issue in choosing a new Supreme Justice. They're just some of the many different kinds of people  who make up this country and this world.  Yet lately, being different seems to be a crime or a rallying call to action for small minded hate mongers who have suddenly come out of the woodwork. Why do these people like to hate someone for being different? If they don't like them why to they have to harm or even kill them? Why did the Nazis kill over 5 million Jews during the holocaust? I recall that not only Jews, but LGBT people, the handicapped and gypsies were also killed!  Is this country such a sick country that the Supreme Court has to decide if one group of people can have basic rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and others don't deserve it? Do they have to decide who one group can love and the other group can't or if one group can marry and the other can't? What really gets me is that they get to decided who has rights and who doesn't and yet they also can decide if a corporation has the same legal rights as a human being? I guess the more money you have the more "human rights" you have!

   I am sure some people who read this post will say that it belongs on my blog, Steveso Thinks because it is a political issue, but to me it is a life issue.  Millions of people in this country go on living their lives, without regards to politics, so why should someone who may be LGBT,  a non-Christian or non-white be subjected to a political debate?  Just thinking!

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