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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Why Do People Need to Hate?

    A few days ago the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago ruled 8-3 that work place discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, thus making it unconstitutional.  I really didn't think much of this at first as I had worked in a large Boston hospital for many years where LGBT people, including myself were openly accepted.  I guess if you are sick or dying people really don't give a damn what your sexual orientation is.  What got me thinking was the outcry from a large number of people saying that not being able to fire gay people violates their religious beliefs. 

    This same argument is used against same sex marriage  and businesses having to serve gay clients.  I am gay and am in a same sex marriage (Doma is Gone! Now What?).  My closest friends are straight and married, in a heterosexual marriage.  The issue of me being in a same sex marriage never comes up. My friends are also devout Catholics and  my marriage apparently does not violate their religious beliefs. I am also a Catholic.  None of the marriages of my straight friends have ever suffered in any way from my marriage.  I know of no one, religious or otherwise who has suffered, either from me being gay or my gay marriage. 

    I was raised a Catholic and most, if not all,  of my friends were Christian.  I never learned that part of being a Christian involved hating another person because of their sexual orientation or any other reason, for that matter. I always thought a religious person was one who loved everyone, regardless of who or what they were. Remember the second commandment, "Thou Shalt love thy neighbor as thyself" ( Does Religion Breed Hatred, Bigotry and Violence?)?  I don't think that includes discriminating against anyone!  It is interesting to note that when some of these so called Christians complain that they are being discriminated against because they are Christians, they cannot cite one incidence where they have been fired from a job, refused service by a business or refused housing because they are Christians!  They have their basic right to practice their faith as a religion, but when it comes to other religions or groups of people having the same rights as them, then they start complaining that they are being persecuted!

    If these haters are not hating the LGBT community they will find another group to hate. We have seen, just during the past year,  how the religion of Islam has been demonized, with attacks on mosques, the Muslim faithful and people the haters think are Muslims, such as Hindus and Sikhs. We have seen transgender people physically attacked and murdered (Crimes Against Transgender People).  We have seen synagogues and Jewish Community Centers become the targets of bomb threats and desecration.  We have seen immigrants attacked, physically and verbally, even though they are bona fide American citizens.  The USA is supposedly a Christian nation, so it is with confidence I can say these acts of violence, hatred and terrorism have been carried out by Christians!  These people are no longer Christians if they profess a belief that it is their God given right to hate and discriminate.  They cannot profess to be a Christian when their words and actions are more akin to the KKK, Isis, Nazis, White Supremacists and other similar hate groups.  They are no longer a religion, but a terrorist group! And should bve treated as such.

    I suppose some degree of education and tolerance could do something to reduce the amount of hatred in our country, but I believe that some people are predisposed to hatred, especially when they view their own shortcomings and ignorance.  Hatred and violence has been a part of humanity ever since humans began walking this earth.  People have been hated throughout history because of their religion, their color, their tribal connections, their physical appearance (weight, height, hair color etc.) and even their education or lack of.  It is very disturbing and very disheartening to see hatred and how it effects our friends, family and fellow citizens, but we must not accept it as a norm.  Hatred and violence will always be a part of society, but we cannot let it define our society! Just thinking. 

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