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Monday, February 5, 2018

Motivation and Blogging

    I have been blogging with Blogger for about 6 years now and have 5 blogs, ranging from travel to pets to politics.  I originally started blogging as a hobby after I retired and moved to Malaysia.  I also wanted to make a little bit of money to pay the expenses of maintaining a blog and having some change left over for a beer a two a week.  Well after all of this time I have made a little over $5!  I also have put many hours into trying to increase my readership.  I have spent hours on the Internet searching for ways to make a little money and ways to promote my various blogs. But with very little earned money and few readers it's difficult to keep going.

    Sometimes I go weeks or even months without writing a new post for one of my blogs because I simply don't have the motivation.  Every once and a while I get so bored that I fantasize that maybe I really can write a successful blog.  This is evidently one of those times!  Quite often I find that I come up with some fantastic ideas for a post, but  it is in the middle of the night or when I am out of the house. By the time I get to sit in front of the computer I have forgotten the idea, lost interest or am just too tired to write.

    With my political blog, Steveso Thinks, every day gives thousands of ideas on political issues, but sometimes I feel that it is useless to share my opinions in this atmosphere of a a divided country so full of hate.  There are so many issues to write about , but I would only be giving my opinion and not really accomplishing anything.  At least I can blow off some steam!

   My blog about my two dogs, Cattle Dog Kids, is fun to write because I don't have to do any research and I don't have to search for photos I can use for free. I have tons of photos of my dogs, Cato and Lucky.  I guess I am just too lazy to keep updating their adventures!

    With this blog I try not to be political or write about too many social issues. I started it so that I could write about whatever came into my head, thus the name Free Flowing Waves.  Of all of my blogs this one is the most difficult to promote as it does not fit nicely into any niche.  And everyone knows that to be successful in blogging you need to find your niche!  I find that most of the personal blogs are about fashion, social media or business and sell goods or services to support the blog. I don't want to start a business or sell anything on my blog, but I do advertise through Ebay, Amazon and Adsense to help make some spare change.

    I think I now have some motivation to start posting on my blogs again and to hope for the best, in regards to increasing readership and making some coins.  I'll start working again trying to promote my blogs and try harder to write posts more frequently.  Who knows? Maybe this time it just might work!

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