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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Melania’s Parents Jump to the Head of the Line

It was just announced that the parents of Melania Trump have just been granted US Citizenship! Their attorney announced that the category under which they were eligible to become citizens was “confidential”! I guess being connected to Trump is a new category. This has raised some eyebrows since Trump has been railing against “chain migration” which is when recently naturalized citizens sponsor their parents and other family members to become US citizens. Chain migration has been used to reunite immigrant families for years.
It still is not clear how Melania received her green card and, if she received it illegally.It has been conjectured, that she first came here on a visitor’s visa but worked as a nude model. However the White House has said that Melania received her green card under a program that gives priority to those of “extraordinary ability”. Apparently being a nude model carries the same weight as a nuclear physicist! When this accusation first surfaced during the campaign Melania promised to give the details of her immigrant status, but she never did. Just like Trump’s promise to release his taxes! If she did receive her green card fraudulently she is ineligible to become a citizen and thus she is not able to sponsor any members of her family.
With Trump’s attacks on illegal immigrants and those obtaining legal status fraudulently, the act of granting Melania’s parents citizenship is extremely hypocritical. He has especially been fighting to stop chain migration and instead favored a merit system to obtain permanent residency and citizenship. Neither Melania nor her parents were covered under the EB-1 visa since they did not possess extraordinary skills or abilities. This action has the appearance of favoring white Europeans over brown and black skinned people from Africa and South America. It is a slap in the face to those people who have been patiently waiting and following the proper procedures in order to obtain either their green card or their citizenship. With Trump’s newly proposed policies of denying citizenship or green cards to anyone who has received any kind of public assistance, even Obamacare, or the Administration’s plan to take back the citizenship from those who may have lied on their applications, this action is particularly disgusting.

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