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Friday, December 7, 2018

Will This Be My Last Doctor’s Office Visit?


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I usually go to the doctors office about four times a year, but with my respiratory and sinus problems not under control I have been going more often. When I go to my primary care physician I am accustomed to having to wait for quite a while as he is often overbooked. I usually get called from the waiting room after only a short wait and them I am led to an examining room where I have been known to wait for almost an hour! I get very upset and my blood pressure skyrockets, but it is a small office and I know I can leave at any time, if I really want to.

the doctor would be right in

This afternoon I had an appointment with my new allergist at a rather spacious asthma and allergy clinic. I checked in on time and only had to wait about 5 minutes until I was called and led through a labyrinth of offices, exam rooms, treatment rooms and supply closets to my destination. About 10 minutes later a nurse came in an administered a pulmonary function test. After this she said the doctor would be right in. I felt very good that I would not be stuck in the office all afternoon and would be able to head for home without getting stuck in traffic. I checked the clock as I started my wait.

As the minutes went by my mind started to wonder

I listened for footsteps passing in the hallway, hoping to see the door open. The door knob didn’t move. 15 minutes went by and the door remained closed. As a half hour drew near I grew more restless and more irritated, quietly cussing under my breath. I could hear people talking and laughing as they walked passed my exam room door, but no one touched the door knob. As the minutes went by my mind started to wonder. “Did they forget I was in the room”? “Were people getting ready to go home”? It was after all 4 o’clock already. “What happens if I have a reaction to some of the medications they gave me”? “Will anyone know if I collapse and lose consciousness”? The hallway goes silent.

I live to see the doctor one more time!

I can hear the clock tick the seconds away as I near the 45 minute mark of my exile to the exam room. Now I can envision that everyone has gone home and forgotten all about me. I can now see the cleaners coming in late at night to discover my lifeless body lying on the floor with one hand on my inhaler and the other stretched out toward the once closed door. I died waiting for medical help in a doctor’s office! I didn’t even have my life pass in front of me! Suddenly at the hour mark the doctor opens the door and enters the room. I live to see the doctor one more time!

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